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The Fastest Way to Pay off Debt for Good

Are you living day to day under a mountain of debt? Going through life saddled with debt has a way of draining you and leaving you stressed and anxious about what you’re going to do in the future, and how you will ever get away. Balance transfers are only a temporary fix on the problem. Paying just the minimum, meanwhile, can leave you with debt for decades — and you’ll probably end up paying up to twice as much as […]

4 Credit Card Traps You Won’t See Coming and How to Protect Yourself

Those credit cards in your wallet are really double-edged swords. While credit cards are useful, convenient tools that are capable of improving your credit and earning you rewards, they can also trap you in debt. Credit cards are the most lucrative area of banking for many reasons. Along with millions of consumers paying interest on their balances, banks also take advantage of fees and tricks to boost their profits even more. Even if you’re in the habit of using credit […]

8 Essential Adjustments to Boost Your Credit

Improving your credit is a lot like losing weight. It’s easy to make mistakes that harm your credit, but there is no quick fix and improving your credit takes time and hard work. The good news is there are some small steps you can take to give your credit score a boost pretty fast, especially if you’re planning to apply for a loan in the next few months. These 8 essential adjustments can boost your score within a month or […]