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9 Reasons You Will Never Be Wealthy

Being wealthy means different things to different people, but I think most would agree that it means having the financial freedom to live your life in the way you want. It’s a simple truth that most of us are not where we want to be financially, and the reasons are often very similar. Want to know why you aren’t rich, and probably never will be? Read on.   Reason #1: You spend too much While it can feel great to […]

It’s Still Possible to Save for Retirement with Student Loan Debt!

If you’re trying to pay down student loans, you know just what a burden they can be. Still, you have an even bigger priority to worry about: your future retirement. It’s easy to put off retirement savings — after all, it may be twenty or thirty years away — at a time in your life when you’re dealing with rent or a mortgage, student loans, credit card debt and daily expenses. Don’t forget, though: after retirement, you’ll be living completely […]

9 Warning Signs You Aren’t Prepared for Retirement

Do you have enough saved to comfortably retire? Will you be able to afford it? If you don’t know, taking the leap into retirement can lead you into a sinkhole of stress and worry — not exactly the days in the sun you envision. In 2010, almost 30% of working people 55 and older had less than $10,000 saved for their retirement. Things haven’t improved much in the last three years, either. If you’re getting into your twilight years, here […]

Add Another New Year’s Resolution: Open an IRA

Already made a New Year’s resolution? It’s not too late to add another, especially one that can last a lifetime. The beginning of the New Year is a time to reflect and make positive changes to impact our future. What better way to improve your future than investing in it and saving to give yourself a better quality of life when you reach your twilight years? If you’re lucky enough to have an employer that offers retirement benefits, it’s a […]

7 Low-Risk Investment Strategies You Should Use Today

While there is no such thing as a no-risk investment, low risk investment strategies are out there. If your investment portfolio relies too heavily on stocks and other risky methods, it’s a good idea to diversify to even out the ups and downs. Don’t forget the stock market disaster of 2008 and 2009 wiped out $6 trillion worth of wealth in this country. Low risk investments become even more important as you approach retirement, and you can ill afford to […]

5 Smart Ways to Generate Retirement Income

The greatest fear of many retirees and soon-to-be retirees is outliving their money. In the past, generating retirement income required nothing more than a balanced portfolio of bonds and stocks, and withdrawing just 4% annually to supplement a pension or social security. Today, this strategy is not only ineffective — it can also be dangerous. The biggest challenge for most people in retirement is creating new income streams like the ones they had when they were working. The key to […]

Should You Be Saving for Retirement or the Kids’ College Expenses?

Tuition costs continue to rise, while wages are stagnant and 401(k)s shrink. This has left millions of parents struggling to save for college and retirement at the same time. Unfortunately, many parents have started taken on tens of thousands in new debt to help their kids pay for college, in many cases delaying their own retirement. This is the real parent trap: forfeiting your own future and well-being to give your children an education. Stuart Ritter, a senior financial planner […]

Financial Planning Tips for 2014

If you are in debt, find new ways to manage your debt. There are many options available for people that owe large amounts of money. Many people are struggling with student loan payments or credit card bills. Some people may benefit from debt consolidation or debt settlement. Researching your potential options will at least allow you to get a sense of the big picture and help prepare you for other forms of financial planning. There’s a reason that certain people […]