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What You Need to Know Before Paying Your Taxes with Credit

Tax time can be pretty stressful, especially if you do not have the money to pay what you owe. The IRS accepts credit cards for tax payments, but does this mean you should be quick to pull out your credit card to pay your bill? Think twice, because it will cost you. When you don’t have the cash in savings to cover a tax bill, you need to figure out which type of payment will cost you the least amount […]

7 Reasons Reverse Mortgages Can Be Dangerous

It’s almost impossible to watch TV today without seeing commercials advertising reverse mortgages, many of which feature celebrities past their prime, such as Henry Winkler, pushing the benefits of “guaranteed tax-free income” for seniors. What these commercials fail to tell you is reverse mortgages can be very dangerous and put your home at risk. What is a Reverse Mortgage? What is a reverse mortgage, exactly? Basically, it’s a loan product only for homeowners who are 62 or older. There are […]

Think an FHA Loan is the Best Choice? Think Again!

If you’re buying a home and don’t have a lot to put down, you’re probably considering an FHA mortgage. You may want to reconsider! The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) has helped millions of home buyers purchase their first homes for more than 80 years, providing loans that are easier than conventional loans to qualify for with smaller down payments and lower interest rates. FHA loans have long been seen as a great deal for millions with average credit and little […]

Khloe Kardashian Sells L.A. Home to Big Bang Star

While Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom have not yet finalized their divorce, they were able to quickly unload their Los Angeles-area home. The pair are $1.5 million richer following the sale of the home in Tarzana, a neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles. The 29-year-old reality star and her basketball player ex originally listed the massive property for $4 million, but made the sale at a price of $5.499 million. The home was only in escrow […]

Do You Make These Mistakes When You Refinance Your Mortgage?

Mortgage rates are still near historic lows, but this won’t last for long. Rates are expected to go up a full percentage point before the year ends. If you’ve been putting off refinancing your mortgage, now is certainly the time — but that doesn’t mean you should rush your decision and make a mistake you’ll be living with for years to come. Avoid these common blunders as you shop for a new mortgage.   1. Be realistic about your home’s […]

Christina Ricci’s Los Angeles-Area Home for Sale

  Christina Ricci, the former “Addams Family” star, has just listed her Los Feliz bungalow for sale. Ricci grew up in Los Angeles and is the daughter of a real estate agent, which has helped her purchase several interesting homes over her career.     According to Trulia, the 1,891 square foot property located at 5417 Red Oak Drive in Los Angeles, CA was listed for $1.65 million. Ricci purchased the property in December 2005 for $1.505 million. The two-bedroom, […]

7 Essential Tips for Getting a Mortgage that Saves you Money in 2014

With new mortgage rules set to take effect and rates ready to climb, you may feel like your chances of getting an affordable mortgage are over. The good news is it is possible to get a mortgage that saves you money this year, as long as you keep your finances in order, work hard to get the best rate possible and be ready to grab a deal when you see it.   1. Make sure your finances are documented In […]

9 Warning Signs You Aren’t Prepared for Retirement

Do you have enough saved to comfortably retire? Will you be able to afford it? If you don’t know, taking the leap into retirement can lead you into a sinkhole of stress and worry — not exactly the days in the sun you envision. In 2010, almost 30% of working people 55 and older had less than $10,000 saved for their retirement. Things haven’t improved much in the last three years, either. If you’re getting into your twilight years, here […]